About us

Libra offers funding for commercial claims, whether via court proceedings or arbitration, where the damages claimed exceed US$ 5 million. Libra's business model is based on identifying meritorious claims. It has an internal team of highly experienced solicitors, counsel and former judges to vet applications. Their rigorous analysis of each case benefits clients and Libra alike and is central to Libra’s business model. From a successful outcome Libra obtains the return on its investment and more importantly Libra's client is compensated for its loss.
Libra’s business model delivers access to justice to its clients. It enables claims to be brought which would otherwise have to be abandoned. It is available not only to parties who are commercially distressed but also to companies who wish to focus their existing resources on developing their businesses. It also provides Libra’s clients with the benefit of being represented by the best and most able attorneys of their choice. This both contributes to the strengthening of the legal system and also creates a level playing field to enable Libra’s clients to bring proceedings against wealthy defendants which are able to afford the best attorneys. As a company, which finances legal claims, Libra complies with the ethical Code of Conduct published by the UK Ministry of Justice.