What we do

The non-recourse model creates a win-win situation for Libra's clients:


Who were unable to afford to fund litigation costs or to carry the risk of an adverse costs award in the event of an unsuccessful claim are able to bring claims without exposure to financial risk.

This model has proven to be very attractive to law firms and insolvency practitioners whose clients might otherwise be unable to bring good claims.


Enjoys the fruits of its investment in cases which receive favorable judgments or settlement.

Libra’s highly experienced internal legal resources also create confidence not only for Libra but also for its clients that will select only the best cases thereby giving Libra and its clients confidence that if Libra agrees to fund the case there will be good prospects of a successful outcome. The rigorous examination process also identifies at an early stage cases which do not have strong prospects of success thereby enabling Libra's clients to reach an early decision not to invest valuable management time in cases which according to Libra are unlikely to succeed.