Why is it worthwhile


Review – the best legal minds are at your disposal and will review the case, define the legal questions, perform a thorough analysis and appraise the chances and risks.

Backing – the plaintiff frees himself from financial risk, since Libra assumes all of the expenses generated by the legal proceedings, including court fees.

– the case’s success is also Libra’s success. Therefore, alongside the legal support offered by your attorney, you will also enjoy Libra's logistical and financial support.

Stability – an engagement with Libra also provides an educated, objective opinion regarding a claim’s chances, providing a professional “seal of approval” before a costly proceeding is initiated.
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Guaranteed profit – Libra is obligated to pay your fees, court fees and expert costs.

Financial stability
– Libra’s financial means and stability allow you to represent the client regardless of financial crisis, unexpected events or lengthy legal disputes.

Improved predictability
– The initial review performed by Libra before funding is granted represents the case’s chances, and improves your ability to predict the outcome of the proceedings.

Increase in caseload – Thanks to Libra's financing, your office can receive additional potential cases.